I am a webdesigner from The Netherlands.

details about me

A technology enthousiast, but design is my true passion.

Education: Communication & Multimedia Design at Amsterdam.

Favourite software is Photoshop.

The first website I created in

Don't make me Think.

Details are important and can make a difference.

You have to put love in every pixel.

I keep myself in shape in the gym.

I like riding my snowboard.

I love to play soccer.(But I’m better watching it )

My favourite TV serie is
Game of Thrones.

A concept which is right, with relevant content, a perfect design which fit the brand and the user, perfect interaction and technical good functioning, ensure an optimal user experience.

My ears are fed by all kinds of music.

I love clean and minimal design.

World of Warcraft is the most inspiring game for me.

I love sushi.