UX & UI designer

I'm Jeroen, a designer based in The Netherlands, trying to make the interwebs a better place. Currently I am in the lead of everything that is happening around design within Coolblue.

What I do or have done

I am responsible for creating an optimal environment to improve consistency and quality of digital products of Coolblue like and the recruitments website.

checkDesign high level concepts or being that hands on designer
checkCoaching designers to create perfect solutions for our customers
checkMake sure everyone has a constant focus on business goals, customer needs and branding
checkMake sure we create a consistent, high quality Coolblue user experience

Coolblue design system

I also have been focused on building a Coolblue design system and a multidisciplinary design system team. The team develops the system, implements it and makes sure the two worlds of developers and designers are being brought together cross-department.

I side projects

Besides my daily job I work as a freelance designer. I design everything around interface solutions for websites, apps, software, etc. I also like to realise new ideas and improve my skills by working on personal projects. Two of my personal projects are Unbox Guide and Fitblocks, which combine the two things I like the most: design and CrossFit.


I started almost 20 years ago as an intern and grew into the role of (senior) designer at several agencies. During that period I’ve specialised in UI design and created lots of digital experiences for many clients. View my CV for an overview of my career so far.

Shameless client dropping to give you an impression.
Brandgrens Rotterdam
Diabetes Fonds
Gemeente Rotterdam
Kröller-Müller Museum
Stop Aids Now

My way of working

I try to create solutions that will fulfill user needs and at the same time meet business goals. I love processes and apply them to find those solutions. I am a big believer of the “Design Thinking” process of The process starts with deep diving what the problem is and ends with a solution. The hardest part of design is to find the right solution for the particular problem that you have. This process will help you with these issues. It will help you understand the problem better, understand your user and validate your solutions. In the end you are not designing for yourself, but others will going to use your solution.

If you simplify this process it is basicly what every design process looks like

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