I´m Jeroen Guichelaar
a dutch webdesigner

I believe great webdesign is a collaboration of details.
Not only in design, but in every single aspect in creating websites.

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Case study

This case study is about iWaku, a new wake-up light that is controlled by an application on your smartphone.

The product will be available soon, after which the website will go live.

brand values

The brand values help develop the identity and communication.

creating the identity

The shape refers to the lamp, and creates a character.

The product website

The Concept

iWaku is a new product in an existing market. There are more wake-up lights of course, but not like the iWaku. It is important that it will be noticed within its market and that the USPs stand out. The website should provide clarity about iWaku and show what iWaku can do. The iWaku can be purchased through a simple product website. To stand out within an industry, you have to stand out. That's why several parts are extensively explained throughout the website, using short texts and large, clear visuals.

Introducing the lamp

On the homepage, the lamp is introduced. The user is first tempted with beautiful visuals. These visuals are interspersed with 3D renderings of the lamp and the lamp in a real environment. The USPs are visualized shortly, but further down the page, they are more emphasized.

As you can see, everything is extensively visualized. Each element in the site has a lot of space in order to serve the user as well as possible. This space creates tranquility and clarity for a user. After the user has been introduced to the project there will be a big call to action block. Here the user can choose between two options: to stay informed about iWaku or pre-order the Iwaku.

More pages

Product page

The productpage is there for the user who wants to know more detailed information about the product. Among other things, it will tell that the iWaku works with an app for your smartphone.

Support page

At the support page, a user can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The questions are searchable and if a question is clicked, the answer under the question emerges.

Blog page

The blog page will provide especially topical articles. At this page iWaku can show their expertises and their know-how about the industry. It is also a great opportunity to get in touch with their users.

The order proces

  • 1

    Choose a color

  • 2

    customer details

  • 3

    Order confirmation

  • 4

    payment method

The app

What sets iwaku apart from other wake-up lights and bright light therapy lamps, is that iwaku is wirelessly controlled by an application on your smartphone. While you are sleeping, the iwaku lamb communicates wireless with your smartphone. If you put your smartphone on your bed, iwaku can monitor your sleep cycle to only wake you up in your lighter sleep.

This is the start screen. Here you can set your wake up time easily by dragging the hands of the clock.

If you have pushed the start button you will see the nightscreen. It is the night version of the start screen with some basic information.

The support screen with simple Q&As

Thank you for your time!

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