Jeroen Guichelaar

UI and UX design director
making the interwebs a better place.

I’m a designer based in Rijswijk (The Hague area), The Netherlands. I started almost 20 years ago as an intern and grew into the role of senior designer at several agencies. During that period I’ve specialised in user interface design and created lots of digital experiences for clients like Diabetes Fonds, Concert Gebouw, Kröller-Müller Museum, Brandgrens Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stop Aids Now and many more.

I’m currently the team lead of the (interaction/ux) design team at Coolblue. Together we’re responsible for creating an optimal environment to improve consistency and quality of all digital products of Coolblue. We build bridges between teams and coaching designers to create the perfect solutions for our customers. We have a constant focus on business goals, customer needs and branding and try to find balance between them. Besides that we are working hard on our design system to make sure the two worlds of developers and designers are brought together. The design system makes sure that we create an consistent Coolblue user experience and speed up the development process.

I am a big believer of the “Design Thinking” process of The process starts with deep diving into the problem and ends with a solution. The hardest part of design is to find the right solution for the particular problem that you have and that will perfectly fulfill the user needs and meet the business goals. This process will help you with these issues. It will help you understand the problem better, understand your user and validate your solutions. In the end you are not designing for yourself, but others will going to use your solution.

Next to my daily work I’d like to work on some personal projects and work as a freelance designer. One of my personal projects is where I combine the two things I like the most: Design and Crossfit. I try to do Crossfit and to try to contribute my part to the CrossFit community by designing a review platform like Tripadvisor for Crossfit Boxes.